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Aarchivio Ohno – Università di Bologna


Aarchivio Ohno – Università di Bologna Dipartimento delle Art


Aarchivio Ohno – Università di Bologna Dipartimento delle Art

With thanks to Associate Professor Elena Cervellati.


Archivio Ohno, Università di Bologna

From the 18th of January, Director Nicole Vivien Watson will be consulting Associate Professor Elena Cervellati, Università di Bologna and accessing the rare Archivio Ohno. This is a cherished opportunity for Nicole and one that she has wished to undertake, since her first meeting with Mr. Ohno in 2007, at his residents in Yokohama. Findings from the visit will inform the company’s forthcoming creative endeavors and cultural exchanges in the UK and Japan.

‘Kazuo Ohno is an extraordinary figure of Japanese butoh dance and one of the most interesting personalities in the world theatre scene of the last decades. On October 27th 2001, on the occasion of his 95th birthday, the Maestro signed an agreement in Tokyo, sanctioning the donation of a copy of the materials contained in his archive to the Department of Music and Performing Arts of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna. Such material has recently been properly rearranged by Toshio Mizohata’. (


First Steps

On the 19 of December from 1p.m,  Surface Area Dance Theatre CIC, delivered taster sessions in dance, drama and music to young people and adults from the D/deaf community in Newcastle upon Tyne. Feedback from participants, indicates that there is a need and desire for young D/d to access arts activities. All findings will be considered and implemented into further developments. With thanks to Community Development Foundation.