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Surface Area Dance Theatre CIC resides at Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne - UK

For the past ten years our company members and participants have contributed to developing an original movement language that is formed by identity, this reflecting the creative and social inspirations of our company. We have achieved this by dedicating ourselves to periods of intensive research and development, the presentation of work through live performance, connecting with our immediate and wider communities, interdisciplinary collaborations and international cultural exchange. Read more


As an organisation we greatly value the opportunity to connect with our immediate  and international dance community.


Surface Area Dance Theatre endeavour to establish meaning and lasting relationships with collaborators.


Selected Repertoire

"It's more about movement than dance; and those movements have only been arrived at through long, drawn out exercises in stripping away layer upon layer of socially conditioned thought and action to eventually reveal the twitching, pulsing sentient being suffocating underneath". Review of Project Godie Live Events: Kopf, Biba. The Wire. (2016, November). On Site. Exhibitions, installations, etc. p.83

Project Godie

Project Godie ‘Dance of Darkness’ sheds light on Anglo-Japanese heritage Project Godie is a multi platform heritage programme that will take audiences on a journey through Anglo-Japanese history, celebrating the north east of England’s strong links with Japan through dance, music, film and literature. The programme will launch with a performance that places Butoh at its heart –…

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Mr Yoshito Ohno: Ohno Studio – Yokohama, 6th of May 2016 With thanks to Zoya Ochiai and Mina Mizohata for interpretation. Photography by Adam Denton

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Meeting Kanazawa Butoh Kan and visiting Natadera Iwayama Temple

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Meeting artists and participants from Japanese Theatre of the Deaf

Nicole Vivien Watson meets artists and participants from Japanese Theatre of the Deaf. Thank you for the kind and welcoming introduction to Japanese Sign Language!

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Keio University Art Centre – Tatsumi Hijikata archive.

The Hijikata Tatsumi archive was acquired by the Art Center in April 1998, as the first initiative in constructing ‘research archives.’ As a central figure of the 1960s avant-garde, Hijikata collaborated with a nuber of representative artists of the time in creating his butoh performances. As works of ‘trans-artistry,’ rather than mere examples of ‘performance art,’…

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The Beginning – Project Godie

Over two years ago, Nicole and Adam began discussing Project Godie and now the pair embark upon the devising of a regionally specific creative endeavour, which includes a fascinating and compelling international dimension of research. The starting point of which is Little Godie. “As early as 1873, A Japanese acrobatic troupe,’Tanaker’s Japanese’, performed in Sunderland at…

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We are a limited company registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) on 14th May 2007. Company number 6245579