Auricular, 2014 - 2017 

Auricular a multi - disciplinary performance inspired by British Sign Language (BSL) sensory processing and communication. Auricular intends to construct an immersive sensory environment through dance, sound and BSL, evoking a state of being which plays between the sensual, physical and affected.

Dance City and BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art (UK) firstly commissioned Auricular, in 2014 and 2015. With support from Arts Council England and partnering organisations, Auricular was then recently presented in April 2017, at CCA: Glasgow, Berwick Visual Arts and Turner Contemporary.

“British Sign Language is a language of movement, space and expression. As a movement researcher and choreographer, I am fascinated by the depth and clarity of a language that does not rely on the spoken word”. (Ref, Nicole Vivien Watson, 2015)

Photograph by Nicole Vivien Watson, Auricular at Turner Contemporary, UK

Project Godie Live Events, August 2016

Co - Produced by Surface Area Dance Theatre and Adam Denton and Directed and Choreographed by Vangeline. Project Godie is a multi-platform exploration of the shared industrial, military and cultural heritage of the North East of England and Japan and is supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

Performing Artists: Molly Procter, Nicole Vivien Watson and Vangeline, Sonic Performance: Trans/Human, Costume Design and Creation: Katerina Dipla, Lighting Design: Louise Gregory

Documentation courtesy of Aaron Guy

"It's more about movement than dance; and those movements have only been arrived at through long, drawn out exercises in stripping away layer upon layer of socially conditioned thought and action to eventually reveal the twitching, pulsing sentient being suffocating underneath".

Review of Project Godie Live Events: Kopf, Biba. The Wire. (2016, November). On Site. Exhibitions, installations,etc. p.83

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A Mountain of Black Stones, 2015 - 2016

A somatic live performance, that rests upon the interplay of sculpture, performed movement and sound. The environment of the performance is conditioned by a large and sculpted spatially - dominate quantity of coal. Buried within the sculpture are four independent stereo units, amplifying a composed collection of sounds, constructed from a series of real - world and synthetic sounds, dissociated from the living environment of the performance space. Thereby making a distinction between contexts that are physically known to those that are abstracted.

Performances are choreographed to evoke metaphorical meaning, this experienced individually, by the audience, from the first moments of encountering the sculpture. The intention of the performance is to facilitate an immersive sensory environment, whereby the parameters of the viewer’s awareness becomes blurred. Supported by the Embassy of Norway, the Norwegian Institute of Athens and the British Council in Athens.

Performed by: Nicole Vivien Watson, Installation by: Yorgos Maraziotis, Sound performance by: Klunks.

Photography courtesy of Nick Tsakanikas


The mud formed a finger, pointed, 2014 - 2017 

Presented at Sutton House, London – UK, by Space In Between, The mud formed a finger,  screened as an off-site film installation by the ARKA Group (Ben Jeans Houghton, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau & Nicole Vivien Watson) and  is a study of the human body as an uncanny object that oscillates between figuration and abstraction, body and material, depicting an object becoming human, a human becoming an object and the protean states between. Photograph 3, The mud formed a finger, pointed, at Sutton House UK 



Surface Area Dance Theatre have established a large body of work over recent years working with diverse and talented collaborators peforming to audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

On this page you will find a selected portfolio of our current and previous repertoire.


Selected Repertoire

Where Our Roots Are Planted – Volunteer Dance Opportunity in partnership with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

By Nicole Watson | Sep 1, 2017

Guest producers Nicole Vivien Watson and Paul Miller are delighted to welcome San Francisco’s award-winning deaf dance artist Antoine to the region and we are looking for 20 volunteer dance participants to join him in a dynamic week of creative dance activities. Where Our Roots Are Planted is a week long project taking place during the day from Monday 9 October…

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Surface Area Dance Theatre’s 10th Anniversary

By Nicole Watson | May 25, 2017

In June 2007 Surface Area Dance Theatre was officially incorporated as a Community Interest Company; to mark this special occasion we are presenting an evening of work in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. Highlighted performances include: • An excerpt of Auricular returning to the region after touring in April 2017 to CCA Glasgow, Gymnasium Gallery…

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Auricular 2017

By Vivien | Mar 28, 2017

Auricular is a multi-disciplinary performance art piece inspired by British Sign Language (BSL), sensory processing and communication and intends to construct an immersive sensory environment through dance, sound and BSL; it evokes a sense of being, playing between sensuality, physicality and the affected. Dance City and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead firstly commissioned Auricular…

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