Surface Area Dance Theatre completes a Creative Summer residency at Dance City, to further explore “Behind the Face of a Rock, Throwing Stones”, that will premiere at Dance City on the 6 of June 2020. One significant area of research set out to explore the use and range of ‘Subpack’ (as pictured). A wearable technology that translates sound into vibration, that is then felt when in contact with the body.

Company members included in the research and presentation of Behind the Face of a Rock, Throwing Stones”, Director Nicole Vivien Watson, Performing Artists; Charlie Dearnley, Christopher Fonseca and Alex Rowland, Visual Arts by Graham Patterson and Composition and Sound by Tom White.
Behind the Face of a Rock, Throwing Stones currently exists as an enquiry and process of choreographic research, that is centred upon an experiential understanding and knowledge of British Sign Language, D/deaf culture, Japanese culture and Butoh. Language, sensation, communication and physical expression through movement, are four of the principle interests that will be researched and thought-over throughout studio rehearsals and events taking place in 2019-2020.

In December 2018, the first of four periods of studio research took place in Leeds, (UK) during which, the named collective began the first chapter of their shared journey. The opening or gateway, to the collective’s coming together, was supported by the introduction of the Japanese concept of Ma (間), which can be translated as a gap/pause/interval. Together the collective began to physically interpret the possibilities of Ma, responding with an assertive series of gestures, postures and settlements of physical contact — Instigated by the proposition of using the entire body as a listening instrument, capable of feeling, touching and seeing the colours and textures of sound, sound in space and in silence.

With thanks to support from; Arts Council England, The British Council and The Tokyo Embassy.