The Beginning – Project Godie

Over two years ago, Nicole and Adam began discussing Project Godie and now the pair embark upon the devising of a regionally specific creative endeavour, which includes a fascinating and compelling international dimension of research. The starting point of which is Little Godie.

“As early as 1873, A Japanese acrobatic troupe,’Tanaker’s Japanese’, performed in Sunderland at the Victoria Hall. A rather poignant memorial of their stay in the North East can be found in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland were Godie the young son of the touring performers, was buried following an illness. His gravestone reads;

Here lies Little Godie, who died February 21, 1873.

Aged 15 month, the only son of Omoterson and Godie,

natives of Japan, members of Tannakers Japanese.


This is the first Japanese monument erected in Great Britain”

(Japan and the North East of England, From 1862 to the Present Day, Marie Conte-Helm, First published 1989 by the Althone Press Ltd)