Behind the Face of a Rock, Throwing Stones is an exploration of language, sensation, contemplation and physical expression through movement and wearable technology.

Central to the piece is the Japanese word Ma, which can be translated as a gap, pause or interval. In developing the work, Surface Area Dance Theatre physically interpreted the possibilities of Ma, by producing an assertive series of gestures, postures and settlements of physical contact. Behind the Face of a Rock, Throwing Stones proposes the use of the entire body as a listening instrument, capable of feeling, touching and seeing the colours and textures of sound and silence in space.


The shows currently on sale at Dance City for autumn/winter 2021 ¬†have a new ‘hybrid’ seating plan reserved for socially distanced groupings of one, two, three or four people. These ‘bubble’ seats have 2-seat gaps around them to enable people who are concerned about sitting closely together to have more space around them.

The front (bottom) tier of seating is not socially distanced. Current thinking around government guidelines on social distancing is that there will be no requirement for theatres to offer this.

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